Kayıkçıoğlu Group

55 Year Journey

Kayıkçıoğlu Group, whose foundations were laid with the Radio Repair Shop opened by İhsan Kayıkçı in Trabzon in 1967, solidified its foundations with its strong growth with both construction contracting and construction electricity projects by establishing Kayıkçıoğlu İnşaat and Kayıkçıoğlu Electricity Companies.

Construction contracting, which started in Trabzon in 1970, is a partner in the dreams of thousands of people with hundreds of completed, thousands of delivered and still nearly two thousand ongoing projects in construction group categories such as industry, commerce and housing, which are actively continuing in Mersin.

With the arrival of Ali Kayıkçı in Mersin in the 1980s, the company's headquarters moved from Trabzon to Mersin. Kayıkçıoğlu Group added the automotive sector to its structure while continuing its electrical construction projects in Mersin. Entering the furniture sector in 1995, Kayıkçıoğlu Group's successful progress in the construction, automotive and furniture sectors enabled it to become one of Turkey's first Moil dealers in 1998 and the group's field of activity to expand. The Moil dealer, which was opened in Mersin in 1998, was transferred in 2001 with the opening of Kayıkçıoğlu Total Petrol, which is located in Erdemli Arpaçbahşiş and is still in service. The fuel station taken over in Silifke Region in 2007 was incorporated into the company under the umbrella of Total. Being one of the important fuel distributors of the Mediterranean Region with its developing vision, the company has become one of the important players in the region with 8 fuel stations in total, with many different franchises including 4 Total, 1 Lukoil and 1 Socar.

Kayıkçıoğlu Group has opened Kayıkçıoğlu Petrol in 2001 with its innovative and open-minded perspective, with Köfteci Ramiz Plus, Levent Börek, Turkcell, Osmanlı Simit Sarayı, Carrefour Supermarket and 24/7 open Bonjour Market, Alsancak and Gloria Jeans Cafe. proved by making it a meeting point for everyone. Kayıkçıoğlu Petrol is also the fuel station that has the first and only electric charging station in Mersin. Kayıkçıoğlu Group is one of the leading producers of the city, not only in the construction sector, but also in closed and open greenhouses on a hundred thousand square meters of agricultural land, as well as bananas, tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Kayıkçıoğlu Group has become one of the leading transportation companies in Eastern Anatolia and the Black Sea Region, with its ever-growing vehicle fleet and its organized team competing with time, with daily fuel transportation of thousands of tons. It has already proven itself in many sectors such as tourism, construction, transportation, fuel oil with its friendly service and reliable accommodation understanding in the tourism sector, with the hotel it opened in the Susanoğlu region of Silifke province, one of the rare tourism centers of Mersin province.

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